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Yoda Baby Blimp


The baby is delivered by a stork! Help them prepare their valuable cargo for delivery on the baby production line. Bring a bunch of joy to towns and cities and collect bonuses along the way. Strengthen the stork and increase its speed. Twins give you double the extra points, and a quadruple bonus may even put you in tomorrow’s newspaper headlines! Challenge the baby boom with baby blimp.

Yoda Camper


Tired of overcrowded campsites and rude neighbors? Bulldoze your dream hideaway with the right hygiene, supermarkets and entertainment. As a campsite owner, set tent rates and manage night flow. Look at the complaint screen and meet your camper’s needs and needs. In this rugged resource management game, you can plan to open supermarkets, additional bungalows and even bingo halls. As a Yoda camper, great outdoors are simply great.

Yoda Farmer


Expand your farm as we serve produce to all the stores in town. Grow wheat, tomatoes, potatoes and grapes, take care of cows and catch fish. You are responsible for choosing the right products, just don’t forget to deliver them in time.

Yoda Farmer 2: Save the Village


Rebuild your farm, village and supply your products to the recovered retailers. Stop the big boss and save the village! After destroying almost everything on the farm, Big Boss is out to carry out his evil plans!

Yoda Farmer 3: Season


Fight the weather as you rebuild and replenish your village after a winter storm.
After a disaster on a stormy night and your farm is rubble, you face the daunting task of rebuilding your village and farm again! Faced with cold winters, buggy springs, hot summers and stormy autumns, your farming skills will be tested at Youda Farmer 3: Seasons!

Yoda Fisherman


By building, commanding and protecting the fleet, we will continue to operate the port safely. Prove the book-acclaimed Youda Fisherman and maintain your universal fame by helping strangers rebuild his fishing company! Help strangers face the fears you once fought and unite with him in your next quest for fame.

Yoda Jewel Shop


Design the most beautiful jewelry and turn your jewel shop into a glittering success! With impatient customers lined up in search of your fashionable accessories, all the sparkle and charm they want in your mission to become the “jewelry designer of the year” and turn your shop into a glittering success. It’s up to you to quickly create and assemble! Keep your valued customers happy with calm and multitasking skills in this exciting time management game.

Yoda Legend: Amsterdam Diamond Curse


Explore Amsterdam, unravel the mysteries of the old curse and find amazing diamonds.

Yoda Legend: Golden Bird of Paradise


Find the legendary “Golden Bird” and unravel the dark mysteries of the jungle.

Yoda Marina


Build and operate the most luxurious harbors and manage the most exotic issues. As a harbor master, you are responsible for keeping all marina visitors happy and spending money. Build the most beautiful marina in the world!

Yoda Safari


Give tourists a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you guide them through their safari.

Yoda Survivor


Use basic tools and local wildlife to survive after aground on the island.

Youda Survivor 2


Survive an exotic adventure and work with your tribe to find the missing amulet.

Yoda sushi chef


Build a restaurant empire by serving sushi-hungry customers with the right food.
Youda Sushi Chef allows you to become a sushi expert as you upgrade your restaurant and learn new recipes. Decorate and design your restaurant, perform great knife tricks, and serve delicious sake to keep your customers happy while they wait. Join amazing combos and master the art of sushi in this exciting time management game!

Yoda Sushi Craftsman 2


Play this delicious and fun time management game and become the ultimate chef at Yoda Sushi Craftsman 2!!

Prepare food at 6 restaurants around the world. Learn heartfelt recipes from local dishes that will appeal to you. Enjoy “Diner Delight”, “Beni Spy” and spicy “Tortilla Poncho”. Don’t forget to monitor your supplies and order fresh ingredients on time. Manage your restaurant like a pro.

Earn enough stars to move on to the next level! Prove that you are the best chef and defeat your boss in the final battle of each restaurant.


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