Preview of Decadence and Collapse-Dark Angel and Dolkari

The next big story of Warhammer 40,000-Rust and rot is here. Is this the possibility of dark mechanics coming? Indeed, GW seems to be laying the perfect storm base to pull them in.

Update as the event continues.

Warzone Caradon

Deathguard sent from Abaddon to take Metallica (Primary Forge World). A new movement by the power of chaos.

Many factions have new rules, such as Deathguard, Imperial Knight, and Dolkari.

In addition to the epic war zone background, the book also contains the following new rules:

Death guard

Get a mechanic

Knight of Imperial and Chaos


Commorragh warriors are keen to take advantage of the turmoil and turmoil caused by the typhus invasion. In addition to these codex supplements, there are rules for playing the Charadon campaign yourself. Can you claim Metallica as a deathguard or try to stop typhus?

The Plague Purge Mission Pack allows anyone to participate in the fun of the Caradon War Zone with a host of specific Crusader rules. Send your army to the campaign through the rusty and corrupt lands and get some new relics and abilities along the way. Like Beyond the Veil, this pack offers a whole new area of ​​space for setting up campaigns.

Pest Purge-Crusaders

Dark Angel Codex Supplement is here!

This Codex supplement is packed with the most secreted and essential backgrounds of all Space Marine chapters. You will also be able to:

  • Launch a faster and more deadly Raven Wing attack
  • Put units (including dreadnoughts!) Into the Death Wing
  • Hunt the corrupt with various new Stratagems and Relics

Both Deathwing Vanguard Detachments and Ravenwing Outrider Detachments can fight an incredibly powerful and tactically flexible mixed Dark Angel army by gaining Objective Secured abilities in several major units.

Codex supplements also introduce some amazing new crusader rules. Unsurprisingly, focusing on the hunting of the corrupt, the army gains new rules and abilities when capturing these traitors in the empire. Better yet, once you catch them, You can cross-examine them!

NovPreview Nov21 40k Boxout2uchas

Dark Angel rules

Dolkari Codex!

Drukhari Rule-Incubi gets messy

The first xenos codex in 2021 makes Drukhari faster and deadly than ever before. You know:

More attacks

Higher damage

Total deadly combat output

Aeldari’s most stubborn people will soon be stubborn. Their new rules allow you to take advantage of the real-world raids you dreamed of without being penalized for the cost of command points. Want to run a pure witch cult? I can do it. Want to confuse Kabals with Haemonculi Covens? Do it! This book also introduces new Crusader rules that allow you to expand your influence and become the ruler of feared crimes in Commorragh.

Whether you’re planning a powerful real-space raid or launching a Crusader army, it’s a good idea to include more deadly incubies than ever before.

Incubi easily tears through obstacles. Even Space Marines are no match for them in combat, as their crave is now 2 damage.

But don’t worry – the galaxy isn’t at the mercy of the all-new Drukhari threat. Here comes Dark Angel with a new Codex supplement that you’ll fall in love with.



With detailed background of House Vanzar, What’s in the book:

  • A fresh way to use them in Necromunda games
  • Unique technological progress
  • Gang-specific strategy
  • New fighters such as Archeoteks and Neoteks.

These units represent both ends of the Vansar Gang experience scale. Archeoteks has mastered the most powerful of the clan’s techniques over the years. Neoteks, on the other hand, is a young hothead, flying around with a gravity cutter trying to avoid the danger of hanging underhives. Obviously, other gang members just wave their fists and mutter about the “recent boy.”


Fans of Middle-earth strategic battle games will be very excited about our next release. In fact, you don’t believe what we’re trying to show you!

This is the first time a treebeard has been seen in plastic. Not only is it a great model, he is also a respected power on the table.

NovPreview Nov21 ME tent1hscdc

Treebeard also comes with new models of Mary and Pippin, who can sit on top of the otolaryngology or sit separately. Viewers of Eagle Eye may find that the Hobbit is larger than its predecessor. This is because they are drinking Entdraft. Oh, and if you think we’re going to apologize for those puns, you’re digging up the wrong tree.

Underworld expansion

New warband

We know that the Direchasm box set will drop in just a few weeks. Let’s take a look at the first Warhammer expansion for the new season of Warhammer Underworld. Get ready to hack, slash and zapping the road to glory at Khagra’s Ravagers.

This Slaves to Darkness Warband is headed by two sisters, one a wizard and one a warrior. It’s good to see families stick together, even among mortals who worship the chaos trying to blaspheme the living mountains.

Sigmar’s era

Yes, it’s a brilliant return of Sigwald! This fan’s favorite from the old world has won. Well, we knew that Slanesh had to give him the opportunity to take revenge after the incident with the troll. *

The new model is bigger and looks better than ever, and Sigwald is already so beautiful that it’s a bold claim, but now look at the flowing mane. glory.

Of course, I couldn’t introduce such a magnificent character without a peek at some of his commanding powers. The first is Myrmidesh Painbringers. It’s not just a clever name – armed with an evil scimitar, this is definitely a painful unit.

Next is the Symbaresh Twinsouls. These are mortals who have made dark agreements with the smaller demons of Slanesh and are sharing their bodies in exchange for measuring their power.

Only time knows who got the better results for the deal …

Wow! It’s a lot of great things along the way. We will investigate everything in detail as the release approaches. Sign up for our newsletter to ensure that your updates are delivered directly to your inbox. If you enjoy this, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the next preview online. This fills with the goodness of the Black Library. Stay tuned for more details next week.


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