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Blood Angel is coming soon, and today Warcom gives us some clues about what we will see in the coming weeks. Recall that the Blood Angel Codex supplement will be released next month! Perhaps both Blood Angel and Deathguard will come in the same week?

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Blood Angel is one of the most respected chapters of Adeptos Astates, famous for heroically defending the Emperor’s palace at the height of Hors Helesy and fighting at the forefront of the Imperial War for over 1000 years. is. But in the blood of each son of Sanginius, there is a genetic curse that allows even the most noble warriors to stand up to bend down. Today, we are investigating the causes and effects of Black Rage and Red Thirst (two pains collectively known as “defects”) that have plagued Blood Angel for thousands of years.

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Red thirst

Blood Angels may be famous for their noble faces and battles as the very embodiment of the Angel of Death, but the more blood they spill, the more they want to drink the vibrant liquid of those who killed them. I have an overwhelming desire. By guiding their bloody desires, Blood Angels can unleash the ferocity that has led them to countless victories. But sometimes they lose control of Redthirst, and in the aftermath of such battles it is not uncommon to find enemy corpses-and even more troublesome, the occasional imperial citizens bleed …

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The first known outbreak of Red Thirst occurred during the time of Sanginius on the planet of Cygnus Prime, infested with demons. Despite the final defeat of Sanguinius Noble Bloodthirster The horrifying being of the creature, Kabandha caused unhealthy anger among his sons.

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The effects of Red Thirst subside over time, but it seems that some of Sanginius’ sons are more sensitive to the call than others. Flesh Tearers, in particular, are widely feared by their peers for their seemingly insatiable bloody desires during the battle. Commander Dante is doing his best to prevent the Red Thirst rumors from spreading to the wider empire. He is desperately looking for a cure for their suffering – A serious burden he put on the shoulders of Colbro, Blood Angels Sanginary High Priest.

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Black Rage

Underneath the surface of every Space Marine that has the genetic heritage of Sanginius is a bubbling anger-the inner darkness that can only be caged by relentless willpower. What I want is to suffer from growing madness. At their last clear moment, those suffering from Black Rage receive a vision of Sanginius’ death and endlessly relive the Prime Minister’s battle with the arch traitor Horus.

At the height of Terra’s siege, the two met in a fateful duel on the Warmaster flagship. Revenge.. When they matched well, Horus was swollen with the power of the dark gods, and Sanginius was tired of days of fighting, including a second desperate fight with his demon enemy, Kabandha. The Warmaster overthrew the Great Angel, but the psychological shockwave of Sanginius’ death had an unexpected effect on his genetic son.

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In Terra below, Blood Angels became completely ferocious, and their vision was clouded by images of their prime minister’s last moment. They fought in a desperate battle with Horus as if they were archangels themselves. In their madness, Blood Angel was almost unstoppable, quickly turning to the traitor’s army and playing a decisive role in the final defeat of Horus’ ground forces. The vision eventually faded, but Sanguinius’s death left a lasting psychological mark in his son’s genetic code. This is a flaw that still exists in all Blood Angels, more than 10,000 years later.

Since then, those who have completely succumbed to Black Rage are solemnly caged in Baal’s lost tower, keeping their ignorant anger away without the risk of “infecting” fellow Blood Angels. However, those who show obvious symptoms on the eve of the battle are given a chance to die of the warrior. Their armor is ritually painted black, after which they are trapped in the Death Company and released to the enemy. There, the fateful warriors can tear off the enemy’s line with a terrifying and barbaric onslaught and release their complete and terrifying anger before being given a merciful death.

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Legendary death

During the Third War of Armageddon Captain Erasmus Tico One of the chapter’s most prominent heroes and one of the third companies, apparent to Commander Dante, has fallen into Black Rage. Before the madness robbed him completely, Tycho led a large-scale attack by the Death Company in a suicide squad for a tightly defended breach on the walls of the Hive Tempesta. Even when the giant greenskin power claw tore his heart from Tycho’s chest, he died by tearing his throat from the Orc Warbos with his gauntlet Dead Man’s Hand. It was the death of a hero, but he was greatly mourned by Blood Angel. His memory stands as a harsh memory that even a noble and true person like Tycho can succumb to Black Rage.

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The Lord of Death stands up

Initially, there was hope that their new Primaris fighting brothers would not be affected by the flaws, but that too was shattered. But not everything is lost for the sons of Sanginius. Mephiston Once you’ve conquered Black Rage, you’re back from an unprecedented amount of madness. Many of the chapters are wary of Mephiston and fear the unknown price he paid for his apparent victory, but there is also clear evidence that he can overcome the Black Rage. Now known as the Lord of Death, Mephiston is a living embodiment of the future that Commander Dante wants to reserve for all the sons of Sanginius, a permanent victory over the curse of flaws.

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We look forward to many Blood Angel lore and their best rules with the next Codex supplement for Sanginius’ son. Defects are many central themes of chapter rules, and in the coming days, more insights will be gained on how defects work in both army-wide rules and crusader rules. ..


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