Legacy OS and GParted tools

During the installation of Tiny Core Linux and Legacy OS 2017, I had to create a partition on my local disk. These articles have highlighted only the most important parts of this process. This post will focus in detail on the GParted part of the LegacyOS 2017 installation.

let’s do it!

As you may know, GParted is an open source partition manager. Mini Linux distributions can be downloaded from their site or used with any Linux distribution such as Tiny Core Linux on a USB stick. It’s a Linux-based tool, but it works with all kinds of partitions, including Windows NTFS.

Keep in mind that GParted is a very powerful tool and can destroy your disk and lose all your data in an instant. You have been warned.

Partition schema

All disks require a partition schema or format. This is how the data is organized on that disk.Which is the most popular Master file table (Or MFT) and GPT. Other formats are also available and are primarily used on certain hardware platforms. This format has nothing to do with the type of disk controller (IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc.).

The MFT format is an older MS-DOS format that allows up to four primary partitions on a single disk. If you need more, you need to create one extended partition and then define all the other partitions in it. After formatting, in the DOS (and Windows) world, every partition has one drive letter from C: to Z :.

The GPT format is used in newer versions of Windows and allows virtually an unlimited number of partitions on a single disk. If you look at the disk layout of your latest Windows-based computer, you’ll see that such a disk has an additional 4-5 partitions. And not all of them are visible to the user.

When you buy a new disk (magnetic HDD, SSD, or NVMe / M.2), it will be completely empty. You need to define a partition scheme even if you have only one partition. In my case, I ran the installation process on the VM with a new blank (virtual) disk.

GParted will start automatically immediately during the installation process. The disk is empty.Click on the named menu Terminal Select a submenu Set Disklabel..

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_57_59

A new dialog will pop up with the options offered: msdos.. You can take the time to look at other options, but this is the one you need.Just click [ Create ]..

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_58_15

A new confirmation dialog is displayed.Click again to confirm your selection [ Create ]..

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_58_25

Congrats! This completes the first step.

Create swap partition

The next step is to define a swap partition. I decided to add a swap partition before the root partition. Someone else does it in reverse order. There are no special rules on how to do this. I have already explained my reason in this post.

Right-click on the unallocated space and New arrival From the context menu.

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_58_37

A new configuration dialog will appear on the screen. By default, this new partition will be provided with all available space. Resize the partition to suit your needs. This can be done using the mouse or by entering values ​​from the keyboard.

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_59_04

this is Primary partition File system linux-swap..

When you are satisfied with your selection, click [ Add ]..

GParted puts this action in the operation queue. All of these operations will be performed later. Still, there are no changes to the disc layout.

Add root partition

This procedure is very similar to the previous one. In this case, select the entire available space on the disk and the file system would look like this: ext2..

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_59_31

Please note that the ext2 system is not a journaling file system. This means that you can lose data if the disk is damaged. On the other hand, it means fewer disk write operations. You can read more in this article.

For large systems, it is recommended to create more partitions and partitions dedicated to / home, / var, / opt, and / tmp. Even better, you can place these partitions on additional disks.

Applying the operation

At this moment, I decided what the disc would look like. GParted queued all these operations and was waiting for confirmation.

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_59_50

You should always check the list of operations at the bottom of the window. If you are happy, you need to apply all these operations. This operation is destructible, so GParted asks for confirmation.

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_10_59_56

click [ Apply ] GParted performs all operations from the list.

This process can take some time. Be patient. Even better, have a coffee and take a break.

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_11_00_11

At the end of the process, a new window will appear. GParted will inform you about the status of this process. You can see that all operations have completed successfully.

Congrats! The disk is now ready.

Add boot flag

If you boot your system from any partition on this disk, you need to mark that partition as follows: Bootable.. This is a special mark in the partition table that indicates where all the files needed to boot your computer are located. This part is not needed for the data partition.

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_11_00_19

Right click on the partition where you want to install all the basic OS files and select the option named Manage flags.. A new pop-up dialog will appear on the screen.

VirtualBox_LegacyOS 2017_21_11_2019_11_00_25

The first option is boot..Just check and click [ Close ]..

that’s all! You are now ready to install the OS on a disk and later use that disk to boot your computer. This process was described for LegacyOS Linux, but it is virtually common to all distributions. Even better, you can use this tool to repair or modify the disk disk layout of your Windows-based computer.

The operations described here are the most common and require many users to perform these processes on a regular basis.

I would like to reiterate that GParted is a very powerful tool. Please be careful when using it.

stay tuned.


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