Install custom firmware in Phoenix

The latest firmware Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (RM-356) ver. I will show you how to install. 52.0.7.

1) Download and open Navifirm

2) Select Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (RM-356). The mobile firmware version is displayed in the right panel. Select 52.0.7 (If the mobile firmware version is different, you can select another version. For mobile firmware, dial * # 0000 # on your mobile phone)

3) The new options will appear in the next right panel. Scroll to the bottom of the panel and select “Vietnam RED (0559 676)”.

4) Select all files in the rightmost panel of the navifirm window and select[FiReからダウンロード]Click.

5) The download will take 45 minutes. Up to 1.5 hours depending on internet speed.

6) Now copy all the downloaded files to C: Program Files (x86) Nokia Phoenix Products RM-356 (for Windows 7 and Vista users).
For Windows XP, the user copies to C: Program Files Nokia Phoenix Products RM-356.

7) Next, download and install Phoenix on your C drive. And open it.
[ファイル]Go to tab and[製品のスキャン]Choose.

8) The mobile firmware will be displayed in the status bar. next,[点滅]Select a tab and[ファームウェアの更新]Click.

9) A new window will open. The firmware file downloaded from navifirm is automatically searched. next,[再生]Click.

10) Completed. This will automatically restart your mobile phone.
Mobile is now using the latest firmware. Similarly, you can install the Symbian ^ 3 firmware on your Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. We’ll talk about this soon.


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